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The Perfect Partnership

Professionals (CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals) can partner with Hayden Wealth Management to access wealth-management strategies for clients and receive compensation.

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Partner with Hayden Wealth Management

Relationships with clients are built around trust, guidance, and service provided. Professionals can partner with Hayden Wealth Management to offer access to additional products and services that will enhance client relationships while benefiting from additional revenue at no cost.

Our partnership program was created for professionals that want to increase revenue, attract more clients, improve retention and help fund a succession plan. Our role is to promote understanding between our partners and their clients by providing an environment that supports team planning through complimentary expertise.

Simply refer a client to Hayden Wealth Management.  These relationships enable professionals to receive ongoing compensation for the referral of new clients who open and maintain fee-based investment accounts.


Clients gain access to a full range of wealth-management strategies - and benefit from knowing their trusted professionals are working in tandem toward their goals.

  • Investment services
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance services
  • Retirement planning

Benefits for Professionals:

  • Improve your clients' experience: Clients today, particularly the affluent, expect a high level of service and commitment. With The Perfect Partnership Program, you can address your clients' financial challenges and provide a higher quality client experience resulting in a greater appreciation for the relationship.
  • Increase client retention: Strengthen long-term loyalty by adding value to your existing relationships. 
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers: Offer more solutions for your clients with sophisticated needs while still focusing on your core strengths. 


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